Runaway Parade

I Don't Fear The Lunar Eclipse


February 16, 2013

The waning of the moon doesn’t frighten me at all.
The dim lights descend damp onto the dark bushes
intersected by a river—a kind of a pure cleavage.
I don’t fear the waning of the moon. Linear lights:
Simulacra of the same old story.
The paws of the moon smash on the Time’s stones/
on the storm’s black curtains.
I don’t fear the waning of the moon. & this nocturnal
dejection that was enfleshing me disappears
when the storm intensifies— a sense of healing to
such a boredom;
The linear lights of the moon conceal many bits
                                                               of the truth—
hurdles against that deconstructed reality that we are
looking for.
I don’t fear the waning of the moon because
               something new will be divulged
in this dark

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