Runaway Parade

Evidence of Self


September 1, 2012

Empirical Evidence To Support That There is a Self
Mirrors and recognition in the eyes of others seem to confirm that I am a living, breathing entity. When I look down, I can see my body extending to the floor in the space below my neck. I can feel the winter wind whip through me as I round corners of New York City streets. My name is on class lists, on a driver’s license, on a mailbox, it would be impossible to deduce that I am not a living breathing human creature.

Bathroom Mirror, Cortelyou Rd. Brooklyn, NY

Empirical Evidence To Support That There is a Speaking Self
Furthermore, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that this self speaks. As I stand on the great Brooklyn Bridge, looking out over the skyline of the greatest city in the world, I bite the inside of my cheek until it bleeds in an effort to taste myself. What a panorama.
I am a part of this place, I am a human being. I have warm blood pumping through my veins. I can speak. I can sing. Tonight, I am singing out over the traffic, canoodling my voice into its swishhhh. It starts as a hum. Then it escalates slowly until it reaches crescendo.
I call my voice mailbox and record a message of myself singing. Then I call my messages and listen to my voice in awe.
Inside my brain there are rainbows of words, even if they do sometimes get lost in the wind when they fly off my tongue, through my teeth and into the air.

Words start as a rumble in the brain, then the neurons fire in such a way as to produce thought. The thought then, through interaction with the vocal cords, crawls across the tongue and leaks out the mouth into the air. BAM, thought expressed.

I have gloves, a hat, a tongue and two eyes.

When my mother birthed me, she screamed and there I was. I have a mother. Her mother had a mother. Her mother’s mother had a mother who had a mother who had a mother.

Laying Words Down on the Examination Table
From brain to page to eye to brain to page to eye to brain to page to eye to brain to page to eye to brain to page to eye to brain to page to eye…

Eyewitness Report
I saw the girl, he said. She was wearing a green wool sweater. I saw her wearing it. She saw me. I asked her to dance with me. She said yes. We drank absinthe and danced the night away. At the end of the night I kissed her. She came home with me. I can vouch that there is a body under that sweater.

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